Assured Research Featured in Carrier Management (January, 2020)

We were pleased to be featured in Carrier Management on the topic of social inflation.  Our conclusion? It won't last forever, but neither is it going away anytime soon! Click here to be taken to the article.

MetLife Acquires Pet Insurer; Assured Research Flagged Market in 2018 (Dec. 2019)

In early December life insurer MetLife struck a deal to acquire pet insurer PetFirst.  According to news reports, the deal is meant to add growth to the company's (and industry's) stagnating life sales.  Assured Research analyzed the pet market in our Nov. (2018) Briefing concluding that the $1 bil. market today could grow to $5-$10 bil. over the next decade.  We've added that Briefing to our Research tab; please click through to read it.

Assured Research in mPower by Mitchell; Q&A on WC and Auto (Nov. 2019)

Assured Research was pleased to be interviewed by Mitchell International on the topics of workers' compensation and personal auto.  In our 5-question interview we offer our thoughts on the outlook for these important P/C lines and the forces that will drive their returns in the years ahead.  Click here for a short read.

Female-Named Hurricanes NOT More Deadly than Male, WSJ Got it Wrong (Aug., 2019)

An article in the Wall Street Journal (Who's Afraid of Hurricane Dolly?) relies on a flawed report, in our opinion, from 2014 to conclude that "people won't evacuate until storms are given scarier names".  Wrong!  We re-released our 2014 Assured Comment showing that the study cited by the WSJ author misleadingly (though unintentionally, we assume) used data from 1950-2012 to reach it's conclusion; but hurricanes from 1953-1979 were only given female names.  Meanwhile, steady improvements in forecasting and communications means death tolls from hurricanes have been declining.  So, the authors over-weighted data from long ago, female-named storms with higher death rates. Read our letter to the editor published in August.