Reserve Risk Rising in 2H20 says Assured Research (October, 2020)

In an Assured Report released in early October, Assured Research makes the case that reserving risk is on the rise; particularly during 2H20.  Among other considerations, we reason executives will be motivated draw a financial line in the sand separating an already poor 2020 from the improved prospects for 2021 and '22.  Subscribers may benefit from a spreadsheet using visual aids to gauge reserve trends by company. Contact us for more.

Assured Research's Popular P&C 101 is now on Demand (September, 2020)

We have delivered our immensely popular P&C 101 Teach In (Answering: How does this industry work?) to hundreds of professionals; newcomers, young professionals, board members, and veterans looking to expand their understanding of P&C.  The 2.5 hour webinar is on demand and can be accessed with a FREE TRIAL. Contact us for more.

Assured Research Examines the Impact of Creative Destruction (July, 2020)

In an Assured Report released in mid-July, we examine the ways in which the quickening pace of creative destruction is changing the demand for P/C insurance products.  Longtime advocates for the intensive study of the demand for P/C insurance, our work examines the near and longer-term changes to affect several industries (lodging and restaurants, information, and energy) and what it could mean for P/C insurance products.  Contact us for more.

Assured Research President Quoted in Barron's (June, 2020)

Assured Research's work examining Progressive 1Q reported loss ratios over the past 20 years was cited in a Barron's report entitled: Auto Insurer Progressive's Shares Could See Smoother Road Ahead (June 12, Al Root).  We don't offer advice on stocks, but observed that the company's 1Q20 reported, statutory loss ratio was historically low.  Contact Us for more.

Assured Research on Workers' Comp and Essential Services (April, 2020)

In an April Assured Comment we shared our view that essential service employees who contract COVID-19 during their states's lockdown period should enjoy the rebuttable presumption claim standard.  Several states have already taken steps in this direction and we think momentum will build.  Contact us to learn more and to read our analysis as well as our cost estimate.