Assured Research on P&C Industry Loss Reserves (March '24)

Assured Research released its annual analysis of P&C industry loss reserves in mid-March. The title of the report - Keep Calm and Carry On - was selected because Assured Research doesn't think the industry will return to the depths of the 9/11 era loss reserving cycle. Still, the report highlights areas of concern including adverse trends affecting commercial auto liability. We'd be pleased to share this work as part of a trial, and our research has been summarized in Carrier Management.

Assured Research on Areas of Investor Focus in 2024 (March, '24)

Returning from an annual meeting of publicly traded insurers and investors/analysts, Assured Research shared its takeaways in an Assured Comment released in March. Reserve adequacy and E&S opportunities dominated discussions, but what wasn't discussed was as interesting to us as the areas of focus. Ask us for the Assured Comment as part of a trial.

Assured Research Weighs in on 42% North Carolina HO Rate Increase  (Feb., '24)

In an Assured Comment we examined a recent homeowners' rate filings in NC - the subject of media attention because it seeks a 42% increase deemed "insane" by local politicians. Our comparison of the prior filing (2020) with the 2024 filing identifies one major change - the cost of reinsurance. Our work was featured in an Artemis story found at this link.

Assured Research on Opioid Litigation - The 'Next Asbestos?' (Jan., 2024)

In an Assured Report we examined the accelerating trend of companies exposed to the various mass torts roiling society and their intersection with P/C insurers (think opioids, asbestos, talc, PFAS, etc). Opioid litigation, in particular, is forecasted by some to be a larger insured loss than A&E (or rather, A+E). Contact us for the report as part of a trial.

Assured Research YouTube Channel (June, 2023)

Over the past month we've begun to post short videos (10 min. or so) to a new Assured Research YouTube Channel. Current videos cover the accounting for fixed income securities (relevant in the context of recent bank failures), the impact of inflation on actuarial work, and most recently our deconstruction and reconstitution of the Medical CPI for P/C insurers. Links are accessible by all, though for the most insights we encourage a trial subscription.